• Greentree Elementary School


    Work on Greentree Elementary began in April 1979, when the architectural firm of Golemon and Rolfe were hired to design two new elementary campuses for Humble ISD.  These two elementary campuses would eventually become Greentree Elementary and Timbers Elementary.

    Humble ISD had experimented with "open design" campuses, where there were moveable walls, or no walls, between classrooms.  Since there was some discontent with this design in previous elementary schools campuses, Humble ISD conducted a survey to see how the new campuses should be designed.  After considering the survey results, it was decided that the two new campuses should have a "modified open design," which would be a design that included some self-contained classrooms, and some rooms with moveable walls.

    Early designs of this concept were shown at the May 1979 School Board meeting.  At the same meeting, Baxter Construction was awarded the general contract for constructing the two buildings.

    To pay for construction costs, the School Board authroized a bond sale of $6,100,000.

    Clearing of the school site in Greentree was approved in June 1979.

    In October 1979, it was decided to name the new elementary Greentree Elementary School.

    The building was plagued by delays, generally due to bad weather.  The original completion date was October, 1, 1980.  However, it wasn't ready for its inspection by the School Board until Februay 4, 1981.

    The size of the school is 79,848 square feet.  The total site acreage is 11.00 acres.