• Foster Elementary School


    The Foster Lumber Company originally donated 9.77 acres of land to Humble ISD in 1967, to be used for a future school site.  In 1969, Humble ISD made plans to build a school in the new area called Kingwood.  However, it was later decided to build the school in the first Kingwood village, Trailwood.  The original 9.77 acres that were donated by the Foster Lumber Company were traded with the Friendswood Development Company for a location inside Trailwood Village.  

    The new school was designed by the architectural firm of Joiner, Coburn and King.  In September 1969, the Evans Construction Company was awarded the contract to build the school.  The initial contract was to build the school for $736,598, and for the school to be completed in 300 calendar days.

    The Humble ISD School Board officially named the school "Foster Elementary" in honor of the Foster Lumber Company which owned the original land that Kingwood was built on and ran a sawmill in that area.  

    Foster under Construction

    In September 1970, J. W. Towns, who had been serving as the Principal of North Belt Elementary School, was appointed as the first principal of Foster Elementary.  Mr. Towns was tasked with coordinating the hiring of staff, ensuring the correct furniture was purchased, and many more activities in preparation for opening the new school.

    Foster under construction

    Construction continued on Foster Elementary throughout 1970 and 1971, at the same time that the streets, sewers, and homes were being built for Trailwood Village. 

    Foster under construction

    Foster Elementary opened for the first day of classes on January 18, 1971, just after the Christmas and New Years holiday break.  When the school opened, there were only 5 homes that had been built in Trailwood Village.

    The size of the school is 76,027 square feet.  The total site acreage is 10.39 acres.