•  Elm Grove Elementary School


    The building was designed by the architectural firm of Nix, Spencer, Herolz, Durham, Inc.  Plans for constructing the campus began as early as December 1976. Preliminary plans for the building were approved by the School Board on June 14, 1977.  

    The school was originally going to be called North Park Elementary School, but the name was changed to avoid confusing it with North Belt ELementary.

    A 10.749 acre site for the school was purchased for $7,900 per acre. John West was awarded the contract to clear the site for $6,300.

    The general contract for construction of the building was awarded to Lee Rowe for $1,228,000.  
    - Food Service Equipment contract: awarded to Southern Metal for $51,294
    - Chalk and Tack Boards contract:awarded to Haynes for $5,350
    - Case Work contract: awarded to Indeco for $44,995
    - Stage Equipment contract: awarded to Houston Scenic for $2,440
    - Asphalt paving contract: awarded to Wisenbarker Construction for $64,500 

    It was decided to use the same brick that was used for Kingwood Middle School.

    There was an issue of flooding in the community during construction of the school.  The issue was determined to be too much rain for the 24-inch drainage pipe installed by the the Kingwood developers.  However, the district decided to help the issue by creating additional drainage to help channel rainwater towards the developer's drain pipe.

    The building was accepted by the School Board as substantially complete on December 6, 1978.

    The size of the school is 69,043 square feet.  The total site acreage is 9.74 acres.