•  Singleton School

    The Singleton School was opened by Harris County Common School District No. 35 on the Atascocita Road for the 1903-1904 school year. Previously, students attended Dunman's Prairie School.

    Singleton School, 1907

    Students in front of the Singleton School, 1907 (Courtesy of Margaret Byron)

    The school was a ward school (intermediate school), which was for grades 1-7, and was made of wood.  In 1917, the old wooden schoolhouse was replaced by a brick building.

    Singleton School

     Students in front of the new, brick Singleton School building in 1917

    Districts No. 28 and 35 were combined to become District No. 50 in 1918.  A few months later, in February 1919, the Singleton School became part of Humble ISD when District No. 50 was transformed into the Humble Independent School District.

    In 1926, the Singleton School was closed due to low enrollment.  The building was sold in 1937 and partially demolished in the 1940s. The stairs were left standing in the field for many years.

    Singleton School remains Remains of the Singleton School in the early 1950s.

    The site is now part of the Waste Management Landfill on Atascocita Road, near Wilson Road.

     Location of the Singleton School