•  Narrow Gauge School

    The Narrow Gaguge School was opened in District No. 28 for the 1888-1889 school year.  The school only served African-American students. It closed at the end of the 1904-1905 school-year.

    Previously, colored students in District No. 28 had attended Joe Dunman's Schoolhouse for Colored Students. When District No. 28 was split into two parts during the summer of 1888, colored students were moved to the Narrow Gauge School.  

    It was called the Narrow Gauge School because it was located in an old rail car.  The railroad in the Humble area at the time ran on narrow gauge tracks. The exact location of the school in not known.

    The school was closed at the end of the 1904-1905 school year, and students then attended a new school called the Pleasant Grove School.

    Teachers at the Narrow Gauge School

    Student Enrollment at the Narrow Gauge School