•  Humble School

    The Humble School was the first brick schoolhouse built in Humble.  It was opened by District No. 28 for the 1909-1910 school year.

    The district held Humble's first schoolhouse bond election in May 1909.  The election called for a $10,000 bond, which the citizens passed 339 to 2.  The district purchased one block on HIggins Street, near the downtown Humble area (Block 26 in Bender's First Addition) from the estate of Charles Bender for $450.1  The construction of the building cost $8,800 and equipment in the building cost another $1,000.2

    The two-story building, which included six classrooms, was built on Higgins Street.  

    Humble School, 1909

    It originally housed grades 1-7, plus two grades of high school (grades 8 and 9). Grades 10 and 11 were added in 1911 when the Humble School was designated as a count high school.

    Higgins Street Property 1909

    Higgins Street, 1909

    In 1915, the Humble School was expanded to accommodate more students.  Another $10,000 schoolhouse bond was passed ot pay for it's renovation.

    Humble School renovation The top diagram shows the original size of the Humble School in 1909.  
    The bottom diagram shows the school after being renovated in 1915.

    The Humble School in 1918 The Humble School, pictured in 1918 (Photo courtesy fo the Humble Museum)

    Higgins Street property, 1915

    Higgins Street, 1915

    When a new Humble High School was opened next door during the second half of the 1917-1918 school year, the Humble School was renamed as the Humble Grammar School, and only served students in grades 1-7.

    Principals of the Humble School

    Teachers of the Humble School

    Student Enrollment at the Humble School

    Number of Graduates



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