•  Dunman's Prairie School

    The Dunman's Prairie School opened for the 1888-1889 school year. It closed at the end of the 1902-1903 school year.

    Students had previously attended the only school in the district, Joe Dunman's Schoolhouse.  However, District No. 28 was split into two parts during the summer of 1888: the northern portion remained as District No. 28, while the southern portion became District 35. 

    Joe Dunman's Schoolhouse ended up in District No. 35.  To avoid confusion that the school was now in a different district (35, instead of 28), the school was renamed as the Dunman's Prairie School.

    The school only served white students.  District No. 35 did not have a school for serving colored students.

    After the death of the property owner, Joseph W. Dunman on March 6, 1903, the school was closed at the end of the school year, in May 1903.  A new school was built slightly further south on the Atascocita Road, and was called the Singleton School.

    Teachers of the Dunman's Prairie School

    Student Enrollment at the Dunman's Prairie School