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    SUPERINTENDENT MOSELEY -- Humble ISD Superintendent E. K. Barden resigned to become the Superintendent of the Sugar Land Schools.  To replace him, the Humble ISD School Board promoted Humble High School Principal Albert Guy Moseley to become the 6th Superintendent for Humble ISD.

    Albert Guy Moseley

    Humble Superintendent #6 Albert Guy Moseley

    HIGH SCHOOL DEDICATION -- A dedication ceremony is held for the newly completed Charles Bender High School building is held on February 22, 1930.  Former Texas Governor Pat M. Neff was the guest speaker at the event.1  At the same time, the old Humble High School building becomes Humble Elementary.

    Charles Bender High School Dedication


    FROZEN VEGETABLES -- Frozen vegetables, packaged by Clarence Birdseye, become the first frozen food to go on sale.

    TEACHER'S COTTAGE -- Due to a housing shortage, the school board elected to build a teacher's cottage on the property at 301 North Avenue D (across the street from Humble High School).  The board contracted with M. Dean for $3,750 to build a six-room, brick veneer cottage that would provide a living space for teachers.  They also had a bus garage constructed behind the house.2

    By the time the cottage was built, there was no longer a housing shortage.  The cottage then became the home of the district superintendent.  Superintendent Moseley became the first to live there, paying the district $30 per month rent.3

    HIGH ENROLLMENT FOR THE 1930s -- The 1930-1931 school-year was the highest enrollment year for the 1930s:  1,217 students were enrolled in the Humble schools that year.  The lowest enrollment year of the 1930s was the 1939-1940 school-year, with just 775 students. 


    STAR SPANGLED BANNER -- Francis Scott Key's "Star Spangled Banner" is officially named the United States' national anthem


    FINANCIAL STRUGGLES -- By 1932, the district was experiencing financial problems due to the Great Depression.  Teachers were given an 8% cut in pay in 1932.  In 1933, the board asked the teachers to work one week for free in lieu of an additional reduction in salary.  The district auditor, H. L. Wahsburn, cut his own pay by 20% to help with costs.4

    FEMALE AVIATOR -- Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to fly a solo, nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

    HIGHWAY THROUGH HUMBLE -- State Highway 35, which run north-south through Humble, was opened in a ceremony on May 28, 1932.  Governor Ross Sterling gave the opening address at the ceremony.  State Highway late became U. S. Highway 59, and most recently, Interstate Highway 69.


    6 YEAR OLD -- The Humble School Board clarifies that a child that turns 6 year old before September 1, 1933 may start school in Humble.5

    SUPERINTENDENT ALLENSON -- Kansas native Frank William Allenson became the 7th Superintendent of Humble at the end of the 1932-1933 school-year.  Mr. Allenson had served as the Principal of Charles Bender High School from 1930 through 1933.  Prior to 1930, Mr. Allenson taught in Brehnam, Texas.

    Frank William Allenson

    Humble Superintendent #7 Frank William Allenson

    WOODWARD SCHOOL IS CLOSED -- The School Board permanently closed the Woodward School in May 1933, due to low enrollment.  Also known as the Hill School, because of its location at Moonshine Hill, the board had attempted to close the school in 1931.  However, protests from the Moonshine Hill community about the closing persuaded the board to leave it open.6  By 1933, consistent low enrollment made keeping the school open no longer financially feasible.7

    CITY OF HUMBLE -- Humble is incorporated as a City. Former School Board member Dr. J. B. DuBose became the first Mayor of Humble.

    DUSTBOWL -- Strong winds strip the topsoil from the drought affected farms in the Midwest.


    BONNIE & CLYDE -- Notorious outlaws Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow die after a shoot out with FBI.

    13 YEAR-OLD VALEDICTORIAN -- Doris Bahr graduated as the Valedictorian of the 1933-1934 class of Humble High School. Doris was 13-years old, and in a class of 36 students.8


    WATER & SEWER -- The City of Humble had been busy constructing water and sewer lines throughout the town.  In 1935, water and sewer lines were finally hooked-up to Charles Bender High School and Humble Elementary.  Prior to that, water had been provided by a well, and sewage was taken care of through septic tanks.9

    WPA -- Congress passes the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act that creates the Works Progress Administration (WPA) to provide millions of jobs.

    SOCIAL SECURITY -- The United States Social Security Act is signed into law.


    SCHOOL CALENDAR INCLUDES SATURDAYS -- The school calendar for 1936-1937 consisted of the following dates.  Students had to meet on two Saturdays to ensure there were 175 days of teaching..  Dates in the school calendar included:

    09/14/1936     First Day of School

    11/11/1936     Holiday: Armistice Day

    11/26/1936     Holidays: Thanksgiving (2 days: 11/26 & 11/27)

    12/24/1936     Holidays: Christmas Break (7 days: 12/24 - 01/03)

    01/23/1937     Saturday: School day to make up 11/27/1936

    03/01/1937     Holidays: Texas Independence (2 days: 03/01 & 03/02)

    04/21/1937     Holiday: San Jacinto Day

    05/29/1937     Saturday: Last Day of School (Saturday, to make up 03/01)


    HINDENBURG -- The German airship Hindenburg bursts into flames while attempting to moor at Lakehurst, New Jersey.


    HOWARD HUGHES -- Aviator Howard Hughes, a native of Harris County, Texas, flies around the world in 3 days and 19 hours, setting a new record.

    SUPERMAN -- The very first "Superman" comic is issued by Action Comics.

    LAND FOR ATHLETIC FIELD -- The School Board purchased land that was offered from the Bender Estate for the location of a new athletic field.10  The property was located off of 1st street, and would eventually be known as the Humble Stadium on Charles Street.  The district paid $2,500 to the Bender estate for the property, and contracted with Hedrick and Lindsley, Architects and Engineers, for plans to devleop the property.11


    WORLD WAR II BEGINS -- World War II geing as Nazi Germany invades Poland

    TELEVISED SPEECH -- President Franklin D. Roosevelt becomes the first president to deliver a speech that is broadcast on television.

    HUMBLE BEATS HULL-DAISETTA -- On November 24, 1939, a crowd of 2,000 saw a a major upset as the Humble football team trounced the nationally famus Hull-Daisetta Bobcats, ending the Bobcat's 43 consecutive game winning streak. The final score was Humble 13, Hull-Daisetta 0. Humble played ironman football, and made no substitutions during the game.12

    - Dr. Robert Meaux
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