• Talent Show Requirements


    It is Talent show time!  This year will be a little different.  The best entries will be chosen and shown virtually to the whole school in their classrooms the last week of school.   Flip Grid Videos will need to be submitted by May 16th  at 11:59pm.  This will give me enough time to review them.  Videos can be done right on Flip Grid or you can also upload a previously recorded video ( For example a Dance competition or Gymnastics meet.)  If your child is interested in participating, please work with him or her to ensure that the guidelines are met.  I am delighted that children want to perform and I want to be able to give them the opportunity. Please help them assess their talents and choose a way in which they can best shine.  For the protection of all of our students I ask that you NOT post this flipgrid code on social media.


    -How to enter:  Go to www.flipgrid.com  

    -Enter the flipgrid code: 3aac3caf

    -Here is a video showing you how to submit a flipgrid video or upload a previously 

      recorded video. Click Here

    -Find your grade level by clicking “View 6 Topics”  in the upper left hand corner.

      If there are two or more grade levels involved submit your video in the highest student’s grade level.


    The guidelines are as follows:

    • All acts should be less than 31/2 minutes.
    • Implied violence, suggestive outfits or inappropriate words or lyrics will not be permitted.


    Piano (or instrumental)

    • Song should be at least 30 seconds long.
    • Student should play with both hands.
    • Music played should be a composed song.
    • Student should be able to play with fluency and accuracy.
    • Song does not have to be memorized!



    • Lip syncs will not be allowed unless there is total choreography.
    • “Sing-alongs” are not permitted. The student should be the performer, not a recorded artist. Some performance/ accompaniment tracks are available on  youtube but you will find the most selection of Karaoke songs on iTunes (and for the best price!).
    • Song words must be memorized. Choreography and/or hand gestures should also be used.


    Dance or Gymnastics

    • Dance or gymnastics require recorded music. Music should end when routine ends.
    • Activity should be a minimum of 45 seconds.


    Comedy Skits

    • Must be in good taste.
    • They should be well rehearsed, humorous, and contain age-appropriate material.


    Something New and Creative

    • Must be in good taste.
    • Must be entertaining


    If you have any questions about any of the requirements, please call or email us at school (281)641-1958.  Summer.McKee@humbleisd.net .  I am looking forward to seeing and enjoying all the wonderful things your children can do. 


    Mrs. McKee

    Greentree Music Teacher