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    4th Nine-Weeks

    May 18-22

    Hello! These are the last two graded Learning Opportunities. If you have already completed 6 or more total, you may exempt these two. These are really for those students who need to make up work. It has absolutely been my honor to be your debate teacher this year. I had a blast, and have missed/will miss you all deeply!

    Graded Learning Opp. 9: Present a case in which you try to change my mind on the following: I believe it is possible that dragons used to exist. Why? So many cultures developed ideas of dragons throughout history (cultures that had zero contact with one another). Also, if dinosaurs existed, is it really that strange to think that one of these species could possibly fly or shoot fire out of its mouth? Furthermore, many species of animals we have today can secrete or release interesting defensive liquids or projectiles (though I would still say a creature could be a dragon without the ability to shoot fire out of its mouth). Change my mind.


    Graded Learning Opp. 8: Present a case in which you try to change my mind on the following: I do not believe there is a single planet in this universe (besides Earth) that has aliens or advanced lifeforms on it (I do think it's possible that bacteria could be out there, but I am not counting that as an "advanced lifeform"). Why? Because of the immense amount of factors that have to be just right to allow for life. Examples: A) most galaxies are not hospitable for life, B) in galaxies that are hospitable, not all portions of that galaxy are hospitable (such as our own), C) a planet must be at just the right distance from the right magnitude of star, D) A planet must have a core that generates a magnetosphere to block certain harmful radiation, E) a planet must have a certain amount of gravitational pull to retain an atmosphere, F) a planet must have a breathable atmospere, G) a planet must have water, H) our planet has natural "shields" (the moon, Jupiter and Saturn) that "catch" incoming objects in space due to their gravitational pull so that they do not hit earth - not all planets have such "shields" making them more vulnerable to meteor strikes. 

    This list could go on, but here are just a few factors that I think demonstrate that life is more rare than the simple argument "there are so many stars and planets, there has to be life on one of them." 

    Change my mind. Convince me it is probable that alien life exists on another planet. 


    May 11-15

    Graded Learning Opp. 7: Hey Debate peeps! As you know, there will be a new Debate teacher next year since I am taking on more AP World History classes. I think it would be great for the new teacher to know what you liked and didn't like about this class. What were your favortie activities? What were your least favorite? What changes would you like to see in the class? Any information along these lines would be helpful. I promise you that I will not be offended if there is anything you did not like about the class, or thought could be improved. That is part of being a teacher - sometimes things don't work. So be honest in your feedback, please. Thank you for your input! Just email it to me.


    May 4-8

    Graded Learning Opp. 6: Imagine that Mr. Wooley is considering quitting his teaching job and starting his rap career, going by the name Lil Woolzy. Your job is to write a persuasive speech in which you convince him this is what he should do. Provide 3 major points/reasons on why this is a good decision. This can be an outline of a speech (but the reasons should be well-stated and not just brief statements). You also need a full introduction with an interesting "hook." Email me your speech.


    April 27-May 1

    Graded Learning Opp. 5: Your opponents have defended their case. It is time to make your final argument. After this, I will decide which side takes the victory. Open the attached document to read the instructions. Email me your assignment. Claim your victory. 

    Attachment: Click here for a Word doc   Click here for a Pdf


    April 20-24

    Graded Learning Opp. 4: Your opponents have offered rebuttals to your contentions. It's time to defend your case! Open the attached document to read the instructions. Email me your assignment. Thank you!

    Attached Contentions & Rebuttals: Click here for a World doc    Click here for a Pdf


    April 13-17

    Graded Learning Opp. 3: Open the attached document and read both cases. Prepare a rebuttal against the opposing side. This means you need to attack their case/explain why they are wrong, or explain why your side is better. Email me your rebuttal.

    Attached Contentions:  Click here for Word doc   Click here for Pdf


    April 6-10

    Graded Learning Opp. 2: Pick a side for the resolution below. Put together 3 of the strongest contentions (reasons) you can think of to support your side. Email me your contentions! (Next week you will attack the contentions of the opposite side). 

    Resolution: Traditional in-person education is better than distance-learning, all things considered.


    March 30-April 3

    Graded Learning Opp. 1: Watch the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smhta1x_OfA&t=380s

    Send Mr. Wooley an email (nwooley@humbleisd.net) with your thoughts on the video. 

    Some possible topics to discuss:

    • Which step do you think is most important?
    • Which step do you need to work on the most?
    • What is an important topic/point the host left out of the video?




    Logical Fallacy Videos:

    Directions: Watch the following videos. Label them according to which logical fallacy is used, and explain the fallacy/why it is a fallacy.

    1. Old Sitcom

    2. Sony Cameras

    3. Big Bang Theory

    4. Hydroxycut

    5. Trident


    Logical Fallacy Questions

    Directions: Write the answers in your debate notebooks. Label each example with the fallacy it represents.

    1. Chicken is more healthy than beef.  Chicken has been around for thousands of years, while beef is relatively new.

    2. My opponent supports eating beef, but don't let him mislead you. Since cow farts contribute greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, he just wants to contribute to global warming.

    3. We should beef over chicken because steak is better than chicken.

    4. Let's consider the most iconic chicken and burger restaurants: Chik Fil A and McDonald's. Texans clearly love Chik Fil A more than McDonald's, so we should choose chicken!

    5. Chicken is healthier, so we can eat chicken and be healthy or eat beef and be unhealthy.

    6. Since chicken is healthir and we eat chicken, we will be healthy if we get rid of beef. 

    7. My opponent claims that chicken is healthier for us than beef, but cows that are raised for food are treated much worse than chickens. 

    8. You support eating beef? How could support the animal cruelty perpetrated upon cows like that?

    9. My stomach got destroyed after eating steak, so I support eating chicken over steak. 

    10. Beef consumption has been rising since 1975, while chicken consumption has been droppign since 1965. Chicken is clearly the better choice. 

    11. You have heart problems? You see, that's exactly why we should ban beef and eat chicken. Free the cows!

    12. I don't support eating chicken because I don't want people to die of salmonella.  









    Debate is an elective full-year course in which students

    have the opportunity to compete in weekend tournaments!

    (the dates of these tournaments will be communicated at a later date)


     This is NOT a "free" or "blow-off" class. Students in debate work hard.




    Controversial issues will be discussed/debated frequently in class, but will be done so

    in an objective manner. Students will be taught/coached to win debates, but insulting or

    demeaning language will not be tolerated.



    Debate Syllabus