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    Logical Fallacy Questions

    Directions: Write the answers in your debate notebooks. Label each example with the fallacy it represents.

    1. Chicken is more healthy than beef.  Chicken has been around for thousands of years, while beef is relatively new.

    2. My opponent supports eating beef, but don't let him mislead you. Since cow farts contribute greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, he just wants to contribute to global warming.

    3. We should beef over chicken because steak is better than chicken.

    4. Let's consider the most iconic chicken and burger restaurants: Chik Fil A and McDonald's. Texans clearly love Chik Fil A more than McDonald's, so we should choose chicken!

    5. Chicken is healthier, so we can eat chicken and be healthy or eat beef and be unhealthy.

    6. Since chicken is healthir and we eat chicken, we will be healthy if we get rid of beef. 

    7. My opponent claims that chicken is healthier for us than beef, but cows that are raised for food are treated much worse than chickens. 

    8. You support eating beef? How could support the animal cruelty perpetrated upon cows like that?

    9. My stomach got destroyed after eating steak, so I support eating chicken over steak. 

    10. Beef consumption has been rising since 1975, while chicken consumption has been droppign since 1965. Chicken is clearly the better choice. 

    11. You have heart problems? You see, that's exactly why we should ban beef and eat chicken. Free the cows!

    12. I don't support eating chicken because I don't want people to die of salmonella.  









    Debate is an elective full-year course in which students

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    Controversial issues will be discussed/debated frequently in class, but will be done so

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