Geography Summative (Not Optional - you will take over these geography terms the first week of school)
    History of the World Through 6 Glasses (Optional for summative bonus points)
    You may not want to do this assignment, but please remember that this will be the most intense class you have taken thus far. You will want these bonus points! 
    Q: Do I have to do all three parts of the 6 Glasses assignment?
    A: Yes, if you would like to receive all 30 summative bonus points. Missing or incomplete sections will result in lower bonus points awarded. 
    Q: How do I need to do the Illustrated Journal?
    A: I recommend developing 30 pages. Use five pages for each of the six sections. Use the five pages to cover the SPICE themes for that drink. For example, for the beer section you should have a Social page, Political page, Interaction with Environment page, Cultural page and Economic page. 
    Q: What do I need to use for the Illustrated Journal?
    A: A simple spiral notebook or composition notebook would be fine.
    Q: What maps should I use? Can I use more than two if I want?
    A: Just find some printable maps online and use those. You may use more than two maps if you wish.