• Renting Vs. Buying


    KMS Orchestra students are recommended to rent at least for their first year of playing.  This allows the student time to not only grow but also learn how to take care of the instrument.  Rentals can have insurance plans so that when you break it, they will fix it.


      violin      violins


    These are the two recommended companies for rentals: Lisle Violin Shop and Fishburn Violin Shop (Check their websites out by clicking on the pictures).  These companies provide quality instruments and have excellent customer service. 


    Reasons for Renting:

    1) Cheap monthly cost ($20-$45/month based on specific instrument)

    2) Rent-to-own or Credit/account based purchasing models

    3) FREE instrument size up when your child grows

    4) FREE string replacement (yes, strings do NOT last forever)

    5) FREE yearly bow re-hair

    6) FREE non-malicious repairs (throwing it against the wall doesn't usually count)

    7) Your child gets to start their journey on a $400-$750 instrument


    Please DO NOT acquire an INTERNET Instrument.  Please understand, students with these kinds of instruments will become frustrated when they cannot produce the same good tone as the students with proper instruments.  I want the best possible experience for your child and having a good instrument will always push them to be successful.


    Please contact me with any questions or concerns.