• Student's Cell Phone Use: 

    Cell phones between 8:30 - 4:00 pm should be used for instructional use only: research, formative assessment tools such as Kahoot, checking grades online, reading an e-book, and other things related to instruction. 

    If a student has their cell phone out and visible, it may be confiscated by an AMS staff member and turned into the grade-level office. Students may pick up their cell phone at the end of the school day from the grade-level office.

    AMS Disciplinary Consequences for Cell Phones

    Cell Phone Infraction Consequence
    1st Offense Warning
    2nd Offense Parent pick-up & sign
    3rd Offense Phone ISS x3
    4th Offense Detention, Phone ISS x5
    5th Offense Parent Conference,
    Phone ISS x10
    6th Offense Thursday Class,
    Admin Discretion
    7th+ Offense Administrative Discretion

    Additionally, students should not be wearing/using earbuds/headphones, etc. in the hallway. Even if not in use, they will be taken up and students are issued a consequence.

    Other AMS practices regarding personal technology include:

    • Cell phones are off and away when not in use.
    • Cell phone use is for academic purposes and ONLY as directed by the teacher.
    • Cell phones are not permitted to be in use after 8:30 in the hallways, bathrooms, cafeteria, etc.

    We need help from parents to guide our children to be good digital citizens, make responsible choices with their cell phone, and align their choices with campus practices.

    Please reinforce with your child to: 

    • Go to the nurse when feeling ill, not call a parent. We call parents from the nurse. If your child calls you b/c they are ill you tell them "Go to the nurse. Call me from the nurse."
    • If your child calls you during the day ask them: "Do you have permission from an adult?" If the answer is "no" then direct them to gain permission from an adult.
    • If your child is experiencing a crisis or emergency they need to seek an adult to provide support.

    While in our custody, our counselors and teachers are here to provide emotional and academic support. If there is a crisis or emergency the school personnel need to address it immediately. We will investigate and contact a parent to inform you of what happened. If you tell your child "Call me anytime" you are asking your child to be insubordinate to the school. It is not healthy for one authority figure to "pit" a child against another authority figure, whether from the school or from home. We become adversaries instead of partners when we tell our children to do something contrary to another authority figure.