• Thursday Late Arrival
    Opt Out Program
    Thursday Late Arrival is an opportunity for extended professional development time for Humble ISD teachers and staff.  We use that time for professional development and developing/planning collaborative units.  We recognize that this alternative schedule makes it more challenging for our parents.  Therefore, we try to be good stewards of this time. 
    Teachers engage in professional work from 8:00 - 10:00 am.  We do not have tutorial sessions during this time unless it is a special session often available around STAAR testing.
    The Opt Out program is available to parents who cannot bring their child to school after 8:00 am.  In an effort to avoid confusion and leave students unsupervised, if the family decision is to have your son/daughter opt out of the late arrival, we need to have those students at AMS by 8:00 a.m. Students should only be dropped off at the patio between 7:45 – 8:15. Students will enter the building/cafeteria at 8:00 am. Students who walk or ride their bike need to be in Opt Out (cafeteria) by 8:15 am. Students should not be dropped off between 8:15 – 9:45 am as this is a safety concern.  There are a variety of activities available for students whose families choose to opt out.
    At AMS, students may be able to:• Use it as a study hall environment to work on school assignments or project • Have some tutoring provided by our paraprofessionals• Be located in an area where students may socialize.