• AMS Tardy Practices

    All students are expected to attend school regularly and be on time for all classes. Students have 4 minutes to transition between classes, including lunch. Students are considered tardy if they are not inside the classroom by the end of the tardy bell for their specific grade level. At middle school, tardies are described as being late to class, being admitted after school begins, or returning to class without a hall pass.

    AMS Disciplinary Consequences for Tardies

    Tardy Infraction Consequence
    1st Tardy Warning
    2nd Tardy Warning
    3rd Tardy Assigned seat at lunch until the student is 3 days tardy free
    4th Tardy After School Detention
    5th Tardy After school Thursday Class
    6th Tardy In-Person Parent Conference
    7th Tardy Assigned seat at lunch until the student is a minimum of 5 days tardy free
    8th Tardy In-School-Suspension 3 days; Loss of after-school event privileges for 3 weeks

    Sweep Exemptions

    Students who earn a Privilege Card can be excused from a tardy sweep up to two times per nine weeks. Students must present the card (on their ID) at the time of the tardy.

    Recording Tardies

    Teachers record student tardies as part of their attendance. Parents/ guardians are able to view their student's attendance and tardies in Home Access Center (HAC). Tardies are updated in real-time. Parents will receive communication via email and/or text at the end of the day if their student was marked tardy at any point during the day.