• Non-Negotiable Detentions

    AMS has identified and communicated some behaviors that will simply not be tolerated on our campus.  Any adult in the building can issue an automatic detention for the listed behaviors.  If a student is in violation of any of the listed behaviors, the adult witnessing the infraction contacts the parent by phone and turns the form into the office for a day/time for the detention to be assigned.  Phrases on the form listed in () are simply some of the examples of that infraction, but discretion on the part of the adult is permitted.  (ex. earbuds covers headphones, beats, bluetooths, etc.)

    Detention is from 4:05 p.m.-5:00 P.M. Failure to attend a detention will result in a Thursday Class (4:05 p.m.-6:00 p.m.). Failure to serve a Thursday Class will result in assigned ISS.

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  • Dhall & Thursday Class Procedures & Practices

    For minor discipline infractions students could be assigned a detention (4:05-5:00) or a Thursday class (4:05-6:00) as a consequence.

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  • Tardy Practices

    All students are expected to attend school regularly and be on time to classes. Students have 4 minutes to enter the classroom before the tardy bell sounds to be on time. At the middle schools, tardies are described as being late to class, being admitted after school begins, or returning to class with no admission permit. Each school has its own tardy policy. 

    Ready Bell Tardy - Students have 1 minute, after the tardy bell, to be seated and prepared for class (writing TALE, materials ready to learn,etc.) If they are not meeting that expectation, a tardy is documented in eSchool.

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  • Out of Designated Area & Truancy

    Out of designated area is defined as not being in your assigned area for 1-30 minutes without a pass or an adult communicated purpose. Truancy is defined as (1) any unexcused absence when students are under Humble ISD jurisdiction, (2) any unexcused absence when students are under the supervision of parents, and (3) leaving school grounds or school-sponsored events without permission

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  • Dress & Grooming Practices

    The district’s dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, prevent disruption, and minimize safety hazards. Students and parents may determine a student’s personal dress and grooming standards, provided that they comply with district and campus expectations.

    The administration and faculty shall have the right to appraise any current fashion or fad to determine whether it is appropriate or inappropriate for school wear.

    • Any form of dress or grooming that attracts undue attention, disrupts school, is considered gang related, or detracts from the learning process is not acceptable.
    • Garments or accessories with inappropriate decorations, advertisements, threatening manner or menacing manner are prohibited.
    • UPDATED August 4, 2018! Clothing designed with rips or holes is prohibited. [a. Pants that have holes or roles revealing skin will not be allowed. A sizable number of students did not demonstrate discernment in location of these rips, nor precautions to cover the rips, leading to this dress code revision. b. Distressed jeans are defined as jeans with denim material distressed to the point that denim threads span a portion of the denim material, but no skin is visible. These are allowable as long as students do not tear or cut the threads revealing skin.]
    • Dresses, skirts, and shorts must extend below fingertip level and no shorter than 3 inches above the knee.
    • Leggings are only to be worn as undergarments paired with a dress, skirt, or tunic top which extends below fingertip length and no shorter than 3 inches above the knee.
    • Revealing garments are not permitted. (e.g.: tanks tops, strapless tops, crop tops, spaghetti strap tops, leotards, bodysuits, “A” frame t-shirts, and low cut tops). Shoulder seams must extend beyond 3 inches in width.
    • Male students are not allowed to wear shirts without sleeves.
    • Excessively loose or tight garments are not acceptable. All clothing must be appropriately fitted.
    • Sleepwear (including blankets) is not be be worn or brought to school.
    • Pierced jewelry or jewelry which mimics piercings may only be worn in the ear by female students.
    • Shoes are to be worn. Steel-toed shoes, house slippers, cleats, and roller or wheeled shoes are not permitted.
    • The hair must be neat, clean, and well groomed. Hairstyle/color must not create disruptions or distraction. Extreme hairstyles which include hair that is dyed an unnatural color (green, orange, etc.) will not be permitted. Head sweatbands, hair rollers, or long-handled combs may not be worn in the hair.
    • No type of head covering, cap, or hat is to be worn during school. This includes sweatshirt/”hoodie” hoods.
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