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    Kindness Challenge

    Be a Bucket Filler – March Calendar 

    This activity goes along with the books “How Full is Your Bucket?” and “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?”  where students learn that everyone has an invisible bucket that represents their mental and emotional self.  When your bucket is full you feel more confident, secure, and friendly.  Your thoughts are positive.  By doing bucket filling tasks for others you are filling their bucket.  Bucket filling tasks are actions or words that show you care about something, saying or doing something kind, giving someone a heartfelt smile, using names with respect, helping without being asked, giving compliments and showing respect to others.   

    Each afternoon, a bucket filling task will be announced to the school and students will attempt to complete that task for someone else.  They will share how they completed the task by writing it on a drop of water and displaying it in the hallway.