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    Rexene Treadwell/Clint Allphin Para
      Grades K-5
    Physical Education/Wellness
                 T-1 and T-2

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           Developing healthy minds and bodies today for a healthy tomorrow    

                7:30-8:10am: Recycling, Safety Patrol and Bike Duty

                 8:10-9:00am 5th Grade
                 9:00-9:50 am Conference
                 9:50-!0:00 am Attendance
               10:00-10:50 am 3rd Grade
               10:50-11:40 am 2nd Grade
               11:40-12:10 pm Lunch 
                12:10-1:00 pm First Grade
                  1:00-1:50 pm Kindergarten
                  1:50-2:40 pm Fourthd Grade
                  2:40-3:10 pm PLC
                  3:10- 3:30 pm Front Car Rider Dismissal

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