Welcome to the Attendance Office

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  • Tiffney Gillian
    Attendance Specialist
    Rebeca Sanchez
    Attendance Clerk
    Nicole Wyatt
    Attendance Clerk
    7:00 AM-3:00PM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday
    9:00AM-3:00PM Thursday
    *unless by campus nurse or AP
    Check Home Access Center daily to keep up with your student's attendance and grades.

Important Information

  • Report an absence:

    • Send excuse with student upon return to school.
    • Online Absence Excuse Form
    • Fax 281-641-6590
    • Or contact our attendance office at one of the following:
      • Tiffney Gillian - tgillia@humbleisd.net 
      • Rebeca Sanchez- rxsanche@humbleisd.net 
      • Nicole Wyatt - nicole.wyatt@humbleisd.net 
    • The attendance office does not mark a student absent. If your child has an absence you feel is an error please contact the teacher. Teachers can email the attendance office for any corrections that are needed. 
    • Please include your child's name and date(s) of absence on excuse notes.

Check Out Procedure


    2:15PM is the cut off time for signing students out for the day.

    •  Parents/ guardians signing out their student must have a valid ID and be listed as a guardian or emergency contact person on our district registration documents. 


    • If the guardian or emergency contact person is unable to pick up their student, documentation of approval via email or fax from the guardian must be received before the student is released. Documentation needs to include a copy of the guardian's ID along with the note stating who will be picking up your student.  NO student will be released to any adult without proper identification.


    • Students will not be called to the attendance office until the parent has completed the sign out process in the attendance office.  Students must remain in class until we send for them.


    • If your student has their own transportation and need to sign out early, you must send an email or fax to the attendance office including a copy of the  guardian's ID, student name and time of check out. Please send email at least 1 hour prior to the check-out time.


    • Please allow plenty of time to check out students as the campus is large, and certain times cause a delay in retrieving your student. Ex: lunch, class change


    • Familiarize yourself with your student's schedule to avoid check-out during the athletic period, as students are often outdoors and difficult to reach.


    • ALL students must sign out at the attendance office. If a student leaves campus and does not sign out in the attendance office, he/she will have an unexcused absence.


    • Students are not allowed to sign themselves out, even if they are 18 or older, unless they are an emancipated minor.