• FAQs about Proposed Attendance Area Changes – January 2017

    PF (preguntas frecuentes) acerca de los cambios propuestos para las áreas de asistencia – enero de 2017

    Q: What is the Committee Proposal?
    The Committee Proposal is designed to support ASE and ESE by eliminating the use of portable buildings on those campuses while also establishing a service area for the new school. There would be about 883 students at ASE, 714 students at ESE, and 538 students at the new elementary school next year under the Committee Proposal.

    Q. How many students would the Committee Proposal affect?
    Under the Committee Proposal, about 450 students who currently attend ASE would attend the new elementary school in The Groves next year. Also, about 44 students who currently attend ESE would attend the new elementary next year. Additionally, about 110 ESE students would move to ASE next year. If the Committee Proposal is approved, ASE and ESE would be able to accommodate all classes without portables.

    Q: What is the Flex Zone Proposal?
    The Flex Zone Proposal allows parents more say about where their children attend schools. In Flex Zones, students have an option of attending the school to which they are zoned or attending the new school with bus transportation provided.

    Q. Does the Flex Zone Proposal eliminate portables at ASE and ESE?
    Enrollment would be reduced as parents exercise their option to enroll in the new school but would not guarantee a reduction of portables.

    Q. I live in Humble ISD, outside The Groves and outside a Flex Zone. Can my children attend the new elementary school?
    Yes. Students who live in the district can attend the new school. Parents submitting transfer requests are responsible for providing transportation.

    Q. Why would I want to attend the new elementary school in The Groves?
    The new elementary school is home to a Spanish Immersion Program. The campus shares a multi-million dollar YMCA Adaptive Sports Complex funded by donors. The school was designed for innovation, creativity and exploration. Students at the elementary school will enjoy a smaller school environment in the early years while new home construction in The Groves continues.

    Q: Will high school boundaries change?
    There is no plan to change high school boundaries in this area at this time. If you are currently zoned to AHS, you remain zoned to AHS. This includes all of the Eagle Springs community. If you are currently zoned to SCHS, you remain zoned to SCHS. Most of The Groves is zoned to SCHS, with one section having the option of AHS or SCHS.

    Q: Which middle school will my child go to?
    Work on boundaries for the new middle school being built in The Groves will begin in partnership with the community after boundaries for Elementary #28 have been set. Middle school boundaries will not change high school boundaries.

    Q. What criteria is used when establishing attendance areas?
    Criteria considered includes minimizing the movement of students over the course of their K-12 school years; allowing for future growth; keeping distances traveled as short as possible; minimizing the need for bus service; neighborhood school concept; campus design and capacity; and adherence to state and federal regulations.