• Dear 6th Grade Choir Families:

    The total trip cost will is $35 to cover entrance, choir festival entrance, buffet, the buses, and a new choir t-shirt to commemorate the trip.  Students are not required to go to ITZ. It is a privilege. If a student loses eligibility for ITZ, due to grades or behavior problems, the student will not be able to receive a refund, but a ITZ ticket will be provided. Because of financial obligations, once tickets are ordered, no refunds can be made. 
    Our It'Z trip date is Saturday, May 18th. Please view our Itinerary here:

    8:45 am Students arrive at HMS Bus Ramp, sign buddy promise. (3-4 students per group who promise to stick together for the day, and report to check in times together.)

    9:00 am Bus Departs from HMS Bus Ramp. Students must wear their new t-shirt.
    9:45 AM Arrive at iT'z Willowbrook
      18355 Tomball Parkway
    Willowbrook, TX 77070
    10:00 AM iT'z Willowbrook
      Package includes Buffet, Unlimited Attractions, and 1 - 75 point prize game card per person.
    10:20 AM Arrive at performance venue inside iT'Z Willowbrook
    10:50 AM Humble Middle School (Mixed Choir) performs
     12:30 PM First Check in Time for Lunch.

    2:30 Pm 2nd Check in Time.

    5:15 PM Final Check in Time for Dinner, eat buffet and get ready to leave It’Z.

    5:45 pm Depart It'Z Willowbrook, board buses.
    6:30 pm Arrive at Humble Middle School Bus Ramp.


    Please feel free to email me, Ms. Reyna, at carla.reyna@humbleisd.net
    Thanks!  Carla Reyna, HMS Choir, 281-641-4029