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    Humble ISD is opening a new elementary school in The Groves in August 2017. Whenever a new school opens, attendance areas must be adjusted to establish a service area for the new campus. The district is considering two elementary boundary proposals:

    Committee Proposal – A committee of parent and community volunteers developed this proposal over the course of 11 months. The goal of the committee was to establish a service area for the new school and eliminate portables at ASE and ESE. The Committee’s Proposal would result in about 883 students at ASE, 714 students at ESE, and 538 students at the new elementary school in The Groves next year. Portables would no longer be needed at ASE and ESE.

    Flex Zone Proposal –The district developed a Flex Zone Proposal that would allow parents more say about where their children attend school. In Flex Zones, students have an option of attending the school to which they are zoned or attending the new school with bus transportation provided. Enrollment would be reduced at ASE, ESE and LSE as parents exercise the option to enroll in the new school.