• US History Team 2020 Syllabus

    This syllabus is tentative and may be subject to change if unforeseen circumstances require it.


    Important Dates                                                                      Topics Covered during unit


    WEEK of Jan 7-10                         

    Review Great Depression Information                         5.1 Causes of the Depression (review)

                                                                                             5.2  Americans Suffer (review)

                                                                                           5.3 and 5.4  Expanding  The New Deal                             

                                                                                           5.5Effects of the New Deal


    WEEK of Jan 13-17

                                                                                                           5.6 Depression Culture

                                                                                                             Finish Notes/Test Review

    Test: Wednesday the 15th /Thursday the 16th                      

    TEST COVERING 5.1-5.6 The Great Depression                      Friday Jan 17th Safety Day



    WEEK of Jan 21-24 (No School Monday the 20th)

                                                                                                    6.1 Rise of Aggressive Dictators

    Quiz: Thursday the 22nd and 23rd                                           6.2 America debates involvement

     WWII Rise of dictators quiz                                                    6.3 America Enters the War



    WEEK of Jan 27-31

                                                                                                 6.3 America Enters the War

    Quiz: Quiz over topic 6 vocab and reading                           6.4 War on Two Fronts

    29th and 30th                                                                         6.5 The Home Front 


    No School Feb 3-4 

    WEEK of Feb 10-14         

      Feb 12th and 13th Counselors/Course Selection                           6.6  The Allies Win the War                         

    Test: Friday 14th                                                                   6.7 The Holocaust/6.8 Impact of WWII

     Test Covering WWII                                                                 Test Review and Test                            

                                                                                                        Start Topic 7                                          


    WEEK of Feb 17-21

                                                                                  7.1/7.2 The Start of the Cold War/The Korean War         

    Quiz: Wed the 19th /Thursday the 20th                            7.3/7.4 The Cold War Intensifies/Cold War at Home

      Post War/1950s, Cold War                         




    WEEK of Feb 24-28

                                                                                     7.5/7.6 Postwar Prosperity/Mass Culture in the 1950’s 

    Test: Friday 28th                                                         7 .7 Social Issues of the 1950’s

      Post War/1950s, Cold War                                     Test Review/Test



    WEEK of March 2-6                                      

                                                                                      Topic 8 Civil Rights

    Quiz: TBA (SAT this week)                                                         

     Civil Rights Quiz                                                       March 4th SAT for 11th


    No School Match 9-13

    WEEK of March 16-20

                                                                                     Topic 8 Civil Rights 

    Test Civil Rights: Wednesday the 18th /Thursday the 19th                                

    Topic 8 Test 

                                                                                            Friday the 20th Start Topic 9

    March 20th end of 3rd 9 weeks


    Week of March 23-27

                                                                                          Topic 9 (JFK, LBJ and Vietnam)

                                                                              Kennedy Administration  - Election and Foreign Policy

                                                                              Kennedy Administration – Domestic Policy/Assassination

                                                                                                 LBJ Administration


    Week of March 30-April 3

                                                                                  Vietnam War         

                                                            Nixon Vietnamization, secret war, bombing raids, U.S. withdrawal                       

    JFK LBJ  Vietnam Test April 1st and 2nd   

                                                                           Friday the 3rd Start Topic 10


    Week of April 6-9 

    Topic 10 (Nixon/Ford Carter)

                                                                 Nixon- administration (foreign policy, China, SALT, etc,)

                                                                 Nixon – Watergate

                                                                Gerald Ford Administration

                                                                Jimmy Carter Administration



    Week of April 13-17    

                                                                               Finish Topic 10 and Test review

    Nixon Ford carter Test 3rd 4th                                                                  

                                                                       Start Topic 11 and 12 (Reagan-Obama)



    Week of April 20-24   

                                                                          Topic 11 and 12 (Reagan-Obama)

                                                                                           Bush 41


                                                                                      Bush 43/Obama

    40-44 Test Friday the 24th                                                Test Review/Test


    Week of April 27-May 1


    EOC Review Week



    Week of May 4-8

    May 4th EOC Review

    May 5-6 EOC testing




    Week of May 11-15

    After EOC Projects TBA





    Week of May 18-22

    Final Review





    Week of May 26-29 (No School Monday the 25th)

    Final Review and Finals week (May 27th-29th Final exams)