• I sincerely hope that you have begun the healing process after Hurricane Harvey and the flooding that followed.  The teachers and staff at EGE hope that the students' first day and weeks of school is filled with the joy and excitement that comes with every new school year.  

    We were no doubt one of the lucky communities.  Our school has no damage and most of our families are safe in their homes.  However, we recognize that we were all affected by this tragic event.  Even if your child was not in a flooded home or never witnessed the destruction left behind, they were undoubtedly touched by the pictures they saw on TV and all the adult discussions they overheard.  Even if they seemed to not be listening it was impossible to escape.

    Our goal is to create comfortable routines and solid relationships with the children as they return, but we also want to be aware of their emotions and concerns after all the tragedy.  We will assure them that they are safe at school and fully supported by our entire staff.

    We would like to help support those students and families directly impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  If you need any assistance please complete the following google needs assessment :



    The following links are considerations we will have in mind as we welcome our students back. I

    thought they might be helpful to you as well:





    Please feel free to contact me at jenny.jacobs@humbleisd.net  with any questions or concerns you may have.  Together We Make a Team!