Gaspard Family

All About Mrs. Gaspard

  •      My name is Lauren Gaspard and I am a Kindergarten teacher at Groves Elementary.   I am originially from Lafayette, LA. My husband had a great job opportunity in Houston, TX, therefore, we relocated to Humble, TX in June 2016. We have two children. My son, Zane, is 7 and my daughter, Olivia, is 5. We love being able to spend every afternoon together and going to the park on weekends. 

         I graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in Early Childhood Education and obtained my Master's Degree in Educational Technology Leadership from Northwestern State University.   I taught in Louisiana for nine years before moving to Humble, TX.  I have taught Kindergarten and Pre-K. I absolutely love the little ones!

         I have always believed that Pre-K and Kindergarten are extremely important years for children. I feel that my biggest job is to teach children to love school. In my classroom, I work hard to build a sense of community among students. I expect my students to treat everyone with kindness and respect. I believe it is important for children to be able to work together. I also love using whole brain methods in my classroom. These methods use motions, along with words, to help students understand concepts. I believe that children should be talking and moving in order to learn. I want them to learn, as well as have fun!