• School Board Member - Biography

    Bob B. Berry

    Bob Berry 

    Bob B. Berry worked as a Petroleum Engineer for Enron Engineering, and was also the owner of Patriotic Exploration and Production Co.

    Bob Berry served on the Humble ISD School Board for 10 years.  He was elected to Position 7 on January 24, 1984 and served continuously until February 8, 1994.

    On the School Board, he served as:

    • Board President
         February 1989 - January 1990
    • Vice-President
         January 1988 - February 1989
         January 1993 - January 1994
    • Secretary
         January 1985 - January 1986
         February 1992 - January 1993
    • Parliamentarian
         January 1987 - January 1988

    Bob Berry stepped down from his School Board position on February 8, 1994, when his company transferred him to a town located in the southwest part of Siberia, Russia.  His wife Beth was serving as the executive director of the Bordersville Three H Center at the time.  Mr. Berry's empty board position was eventually filled by Lynn Fields.