Intra-District Student Transfers

  • The parent or person standing in parental relation to any student may request, by petition in writing, the assignment of a student to a campus other than the home campus in the attendance zone in which the student resides. An intra-district transfer application may be submitted. Only one transfer may be granted per school year. The application must be submitted within the designated timeframes.

    Residence: A student’s residence shall be defined as the domicile which is the student’s fixed, permanent, and principal housing for legal purposes. A student does not establish a bona fide residence by living in the District or a particular attendance zone for only a portion of the week or only on school days unless this arrangement is specified in a divorce decree or other court order.

Reasons for Approval of Application

  • A renewal application must be submitted annually for all out-of-district employees in order to maintain approved transfer status. 

    The following are acceptable reasons for granting approval of an intra-district transfer:

    Change of Residence

    • Remain at current school until the end of the current school year

    Application for Elementary #28 (The Groves) for General Transfer (no transportation provided) or Flex Zone (transportation provided)

    Application for Schools of Choice Programs

    Other Acceptable Reasons

    • A district employee may transfer his/her child(ren) to the school where he/she works.
    • A district employee may transfer his/her child(ren) to an open campus.
    • A district employee, with an approved transfer, whose job location changes due to reassignment, may apply for a transfer to leave his/her child(ren) at the current campus.
    • A request made for a transfer to allow a sibling to attend the same school that another sibling currently attends.
    • Serious medical/mental/psychological health conditions are approved reasons for an intra-district transfer if documented by appropriate medical personnel and if there is documentation that student’s identified needs cannot be met at the home campus. 
    • A student is victim of a documented physical assault and if the student committing the assault is at the victim’s home campus.
    • A student is a victim of documented bullying.
    • When documented and unresolved student conflicts exist that cannot be addressed at the home campus, an intra-district transfer may be approved.
    • Other Extenuating Circumstances.
      Note:  Transfer requests are approved only when there is capacity to accommodate additional students at a school. Parents requesting transfers are responsible for providing transportation.

    An approved intra-district transfer request remains in effect until the reason for the initial request no longer exists. Upon completion of the student’s education at one campus level, a new transfer application will need to be completed but there should be no expectation that a transfer will be accepted to a middle or high school in the same feeder pattern.

    Humble ISD shall not provide transportation for approved transfers. Transportation will be the responsibility of the parent. High school students are not guaranteed parking privileges.

Reasons for Denial

  • The following are reasons for denial of an intra-district transfer:

    • Overcrowded condition at receiving campus or requires employment of additional staff; Campuses that are at 98% capacity or above will be closed
    • Record of poor attendance, late arrivals, late pickups, and/or disciplinary infractions at home campus
    • For the purpose of participating in an extra-curricular activity at receiving campus
    • Previous transfer already granted for the current school year
    • Falsification of information
    • Failure to meet deadlines
    • Failure to meet district criteria for an intra-district transfer

Reasons for Revocation

  • The following are reasons for revocation of an intra-district transfer:

    • Repeated failure to abide by the rules specified in the Discipline Management Plan and Student Code of Conduct or committing a disciplinary infraction that mandates removal to a DAEP or JJAEP
    • Documented pattern of late arrivals, early/late pickups, and/or poor attendance
    • Falsification of records will result in revocation of transfer
    • Failure to provide documentation of occupancy of a residence when a temporary transfer is granted based on an intended residence

Appeal Process


    If the transfer is denied, the parent or person standing in parental relation to the student may appeal the decision to a District Transfer Committee. Within three (3) business days of receiving notification, an appeal must be submitted in writing to the District's Student Transfer Coordinator at the Administration Building.

    The District Transfer Committee will be composed of three (3) central administrators. At the time of the request for appeal, the parent should also submit any additional written information that may assist the appeal committee.

    Within ten (10) business days the members of this committee will review the written application and render a ruling on the transfer request. The parent or person standing in parental relation to the student will receive written and/or verbal notification of the Committee’s decision within three (3) business days of the hearing.