• School Board Member - Biography

    William Willis Williams

    Williams, William Willis

    William Willis Williams was born September 9, 1873.  He worked various professions over his lifetime. Mr. Williams worked for the Bradford Hicks Lumber Company as an estimator, as a land-man for various oil companies, and as a cattleman.

    W. W. Williams served on the School Board for District No. 35 two different times. He first served on the District No. 35 School Board from April 13, 1907 through April 3, 1909.

    He then served a second time on the District No. 35 School Board from 1912 through 1918, when it was combined with District No. 28 to create District No. 50.

    Later, after District No. 50 was transformed into the Humble Independent School District, he served on the Humble ISD School Board for 5 years. He was elected on June 4, 1923 and served continuously through April 6, 1929.

    His father, B. F. Williams, also served on the school board for District No. 28 from 1885 to 1886.

    W. W. Williams is a grandson of Joseph W. Dunman, who opened the first school in Humble, through his mother Martha Frances Dunman.

    William Willis Williams died on February 12, 1947.