• Please help your child to learn these words. 

    You can make flash cards and have them read the words aloud. 

    Writing the words is equally important - have your child copy and spell the words as they write them.

    Ask your child to use the sight words when writing in their at home journal.  Sight words should be spelled correctly, while unknown words are sounded out (by your child).  Here is an example of what your child may write "I like to go to the prk to pla on the slid." or "The dog is runeg down the stret."  When they are beginning to write independently we encourage them to write all of the sounds they here in the words.


    I    a   is   in   it   can   look   like  
    me   my   we   can   up   and   on 
    do  the   said   here   come   you  
    am   at   see  go  yes   no
    he  she  boy  girl
    Color Words: 
    red   blue  green  yellow  brown  black 
    purple  pink  orange  white  gray  
    Wh- words: 
    who  what  when  why  where
    As they become comfortable and
    independent  with the sight words
    you can begin working on word endings
    -ing, -ed, -es.