• Superintendents of Humble

    Superintendent #1

    Daniel Henry Womack

    Daniel Henry Womack

    Daniel Henry Womack, Sr. was born in Gonzales County, Texas on February 20, 1867.  He was the son of Edmond Womack and Virginia Bayne Hawkins.  

    On June 8, 1892, he married Elizabeth Maud Schermerhorn in Lee County, Texas. She was the daughter of John Canfield Spencer Schermerhorn and Caroline Brooks Haynie.  She was born July 14, 1871 in Brazil, and died on July 17, 1926 in Austin, Texas.

    The Womacks had two children: A daughter, Noreen, born in 1903, and a son, Daniel Henry Womack, Jr. (born March 24 1912 in Austin, Texas and died July 24, 1972 in Comanche County, Texas).

    D. H. Womack became the Superintendent of Harris County Common School District No. 28 (Humble) in 1909, and served for the 1909-1910 and 1910-1911 school years.  He also served as the Principal of the Humble School during that time.

    He later became a university professor in Austin.

    Mr. Womack died in Austin, Texas on August 17, 1957.  He is buried in the Elgin City Cemetery in Elgin, Texas.