• Students are able to complete the following tasks to earn 30 summative extra credit points every nine-weeks. This is our way of helping to make-up for the difficult tests and the AP policy of no test retakes. 

    The following guidelines will be strictly enforced:

    • No extra credit will be accepted after the assigned due date (Tuesday, Oct. 15th for the first nine-weeks grading period). There are no exceptions to this. 
    • Students will not be allowed to complete any extra credit beyond what is offered, as seen on this page. 
    • Students must take the initiative to complete these opportunties. They will not receive class time to work on extra credit.
    • Extra Credit that is earned will be added to the summative grades of the teacher's choice. Since all summative points are averaged and weighted at 70% of the overall grade, the points will have the same effect on the student's overall grade regarless of which summative grade they are added to.


    History Cinema @ 10 points (once per nine-weeks)

    Students may view a historical film from an approved list, which is posted below. They may do this once per nine-weeks.  The reflection may either be typed or hand-written. Please see the link below for instructions/requirements of the reflection.

    Approved Film List/Permission Slip: 1st Nine-Weeks Movie List & Permission Slip

    History Cinema Reflection: History Cinema Reflection (this may be typed/printed or completed on notebook paper and handwritten - the important thing is to discuss each SPICE-T theme with enough depth) 

    Notebook Check @ 10 pionts (one per nine-weeks)
    Students will submit their notebooks for a Notebook Check once per nine-weeks. They will receive extra credit for keeping a well-organized and complete notebook - which is something that will be extremely important to have as they begin to study for the AP test later in the school year.
    Concept Web @ 10 points (once per nine-weeks)
    Students will complete design a concept web in which a major concept or state is analyzed. Sutdents should use the concept assigned to their last name (see below). This should be completed on a piece of blank paper, not lined notebook paper. The requirements are as follows:
    • SPICE-T Themes: The concept web should reflect content for all SPICE-T themes. At least two topics should be shown for each SPICE-T theme. 
    • Depth: The concept web should include depth of understanding. This means a student cannot simply list two topics per SPICE-T theme, but should additional information. Following are some good questions that can help to add depth: Why did this happen/what was the cause? What were the effects of this/why is this important to history? If you have listed a single word for a SPICE-T topic, what is its definition/characteristics?
    • Color: The concept web should include color (at the very least the concept web framework should be in color). No one wants to look at a web that lacks color. 
    • Visuals: The concept web should include at least visual per SPICE-T theme that strongly ties into the content. Random or unrelated visuals will not count. 

    Last Name/Empire:

    A-Bat: Mali

    Bau-Car: Songhay Empire

    Cas-Cra: Swahili city-states

    Cre-E: Mongol Empire

    F-Ha: Srivijaya

    He-Ki: Ming Dynasty

    Kl-L: Aztec Empire

    Ma-Med: Inca Empire

    Mef-Mu: Ottoman Empire

    My-Rom: Safavid Empire

    Ron-To: Mughal Empire

    Tr-Z: Qing Dynasty