• Students are able to complete the following tasks to earn 45 summative extra credit points every nine-weeks. This is our way of helping to make-up for the difficult tests and the AP policy of no test retakes. 

    The following guidelines will be strictly enforced:

    • No extra credit will be accepted after the assigned due date (Monday, May. 20th for the fourth nine-weeks grading period). There are no exceptions to this. Please note that Vocab Maps will be due before the AP Test!
    • Students will not be allowed to complete any extra credit beyond what is offered, as seen on this page. 
    • Students must take the initiative to complete these opportunties. They will not receive class time to work on extra credit.
    • Extra Credit that is earned will be added to the summative grades of the teacher's choice. Since all summative points are averaged and weighted at 70% of the overall grade, the points will have the same effect on the student's overall grade regarless of which summative grade they are added to.


    Culture Credits @ 5 points (once per nine-weeks)

    Students may receive culture credits for visiting historical museums or being part of a unique cultural experience. Students will write a reflection about what they learned/saw, and will analyze it through the SPICE themes. There is no exact requirement as to the length of the reflection - it will be evaluated based on depth of thought (for example, reflections that are merely one small paragraph will be lacking in depth of thought and will not receive the full 5 points). Students must also provide proof that they actually went to the location. I need a picture taken that shows the student at the location. The picture should be emailed to the teacher. Pictures of the location without the students in them do NOT count. That means the picture was probably just Googled. 

    The cultural experience MUST be approved by teacher. For example: going to a Chinese restaurant does NOT count as a cultural experience. Furthermore, these experiences must have happened within the school year. Summer trips do not count. The following Cultural experiences are already approved: Humble Museum, Battleship Texas State Historic Sight, San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Sight, Menil Collection, Museum of Fine Arts, Holocaust Museum, Houston Museum - African America Culture, Byzantine Fresco Chapel Museum. If you have a question about whether I will count something as a cultural experience, please ask me!


    History Cinema @ 10 points (once per nine-weeks)

    Students may view a historical film from an approved list. This list will be emailed and posted here. They may do this once per nine-weeks. Click on "History Cinema" to view the instructions and requirements. The reflection may either be typed or hand-written. 

    Approved Film List/Permission Slip: 4th Nine-Weeks Approved Movie List

    History Cinema Reflection: History Cinema Reflection (this may be typed/printed or completed on notebook paper and handwritten - the important thing is to discuss each SPICE theme with enough depth) 

    Vocab Maps @ 10 Points (once per nine-weeks) EXCEPTION to DUE DATE: This is the only assignment due before the AP Test.

    Students will complete a Vocab Map (see link below) for 5 vocab words that were missed on the regional vocab quizzes we recently took in class. Students may complete this on their own paper, or may print a copy and fill it out. 

    If a student has not missed a total of five vocab words, he/she may select any vocab words they wish from any era. My recommendation would be to choose words that the student feels less confident about so that this benefits him/her on the AP Test. 

    Vocab Map


    Notebook Check @ 10 pionts (one per nine-weeks)
    Students will submit their notebooks for a Notebook Check once per nine-weeks. They will receive extra credit for keeping a well-organized and complete notebook - which is something that will be extremely important to have as they begin to study for the AP test later in the school year.
    SPICE Infographic @ 10 points (once per nine-weeks)
    Students will complete an infographic that displays information for a civilization and SPICE theme assigned by the teacher. This infographic will contain five visuals representing the assigned SPICE theme for the particular civilization, as well as five descriptions/explanations that accompany the visuals. Students need to come to tutoring to complete this assignment. Civilizations and SPICE themes will not be assigned outside of tutoring times.
    (4th Nine-weeks infographics will focus on decolonization, communist/socialist systems, or state formation)