• Students are able to complete the following tasks to earn 30 summative extra credit points every nine-weeks. This is our way of helping to make-up for the difficult tests and the AP policy of no test retakes. 

    The following guidelines will be strictly enforced:

    • No extra credit will be accepted after the assigned due date (Tuesday, Dec. 10th for the second nine-weeks grading period). There are no exceptions to this. 
    • Students will not be allowed to complete any extra credit beyond what is offered, as seen on this page. 
    • Students must take the initiative to complete these opportunties. They will not receive class time to work on extra credit.
    • Extra Credit that is earned will be added to the summative grades of the teacher's choice. Since all summative points are averaged and weighted at 70% of the overall grade, the points will have the same effect on the student's overall grade regarless of which summative grade they are added to.


    History Cinema @ 10 points (once per nine-weeks)

    Students may view a historical film from an approved list, which is posted below. They may do this once per nine-weeks.  The reflection may either be typed or hand-written. Please see the link below for instructions/requirements of the reflection.

    Print this Approved Film List/Permission Slip: Movie List & Permission Slip (some movies are the same from the first 9-weeks - you may not complete this assignment over the same movie)

    History Cinema Reflection: History Cinema Reflection (this may be typed/printed or completed on notebook paper and handwritten - the important thing is to discuss each SPICE-T theme with enough depth) 

    Notebook Check @ 10 pionts (one per nine-weeks)
    Students will submit their notebooks for a Notebook Check once per nine-weeks. They will receive extra credit for keeping a well-organized and complete notebook - which is something that will be extremely important to have as they begin to study for the AP test later in the school year.
    Students should make certain to update their table of contents and make up any notes/activities they may have missed from an absence.
    Infographic @ 10 points (once per nine-weeks)
    Students will design an "Infographic" over the Political theme for an assigned empire (see list below). Students should use the concept assigned to their last name (see below). This should be completed on a regular piece of blank paper, not lined notebook paper. The following questions/criteria should be addressed:
    • Rise of Empire: Why/how did your empire rise?  You could include motivating factors and/or methods of expansion.
    • Map: Include a map of your empire. It does not have to be large, but should show your empire's borders at their greatest extent.
    • Famous Ruler: Include information on one of the empire's great rulers (years he/she ruled, greatest accomplishments)
    • Conflict: Provide information about a major conflict (or revolt) the empire was involved in. Who were they in conflict with, and what was the cause?
    • Legitimacy/Consolidation: Provide information for either legitimacy of power or consolidation of power. What method(s) did the rulers use?
    • Color: The Infographic should include color. No one wants to look at a paper that lacks color. 
    • Visuals: The Infographic should include at least 5 visuals that connect with the questions/criteria above. 


    Last Name/Empire: 

    A-C: Songhay Empire

    D-F: Ming Dynasty  

    G-I: Aztec Empire

    J-L: Inca Empire

    M-O: Ottoman Empire

    P-R: Safavid Empire

    S-T: Mughal Empire

    U-Z: Qing Dynasty