My Family

About Mrs. Nguyen

  • Hello! My name is Kelsie Nguyen and I am excited to be at Deerwood Elementary for another year! I am from Joplin, Missouri, but I was born and raised in Grove, Oklahoma. My husband, daughter and I moved to Kingwood in June 2015. We absolutely love it here! We are an active family who participates in many sports. We love to play games, walk our Siberian Husky named Julie, watch movies, and ride bikes. We love to spend time together. 

    I have taught for 8 years, 7 of them being 3rd grade. I love my job! I love being around kids all day and watching them learn and grow. I love to see their "Ah ha!" moments when the learning starts to stick. I love the stories they have to share, and the energy they give off. I absolutely love teaching, it is my calling and passion.

    My teaching style is energetic and fun. I use Whole Brain Teaching in my classroom, which is highly engaging and fun. The students learn through movement, noise, song, repetition, and peer interaction. I believe in engaging the whole brain to teach the child. The students love it and are learning a lot because of it.

    My goal as a teacher is to see growth in my students. I believe all students can learn, and I know they all learn at different paces. As a class, we look for the areas of growth and celebrate it. We celebrate a lot! :)

    I have never had a class I didn't love. All children are so special to me!