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    **Humble ISD COVID-19 PROTOCOL - PLEASE READ**   (updated 9/28/20)

    Parents must screen students DAILY before sending to school for the following symptoms not normal for them:

    a. High Risk

    1. Fever greater than 100°
    2. Cough (new onset or worsening cough with asthma)
    3. Shortness of breath / increase work of  breathing
    4. Loss of sense of taste and smell

    b. Low Risk

    1. Sore throat
    2. Nasal congetsion / nasal discharge
    3. Nausea / vomiting / diarrhea
    4. Myalgias (muscle aches) unrelated to excercise / injury
    5. Headache
    6. Fatigue

    If the student is sent home by the nurse for above symptoms the following applies:

    • Students with one high risk COVID symptoms or 2 low risk symptoms will be sent home and follow Re-entry criteria below.
    • Students with one low risk COVID symptoms will be sent home and may return in 24 hours if symptoms resolve and no other COVID symptoms are present. 

    *24 hour period will start the morning following the day the student is sent home / develop symptoms.


    If your student develops symptoms at home that are NOT normal (see fever note below) for them and maybe related to COVID, the district suggests they stay home and follow the same criteria above.


     If your student develops symptoms at home that are normal for them and you feel are NOT related to COVID (with the exception of fever-see below note), they may return in 24 hours if symptoms resolve without the help of medications and no other Covid symptoms are present.


     *ALL FEVERS of 100.0 or greater must stay home and follow the re-entry criteria below* (as of 9/21/20).


    Please notify us via the absence line or email if you feel their illness is COVID related and/or running a fever >100.0. 

    Contact your teacher for classwork and have your student log into MyHumble and complete an application.


    They may re-enter school when one of the following three options have been satisfied:

    Re-Entry Criteria:

      1. Option 1:
        1. 10 calendar days have passed since symptoms first started; or if asymptomatic 10 calendar days from the date of the test. AND
        2. 24 hours since recovery (for example-no fever without use of medications; no diarrhea without medications, etc.) AND
        3. Symptoms have significantly improved
      2. Option 2: Student is cleared by a medical professional with an alternate diagnosis ruling out COVID (ex. Asthma, strep, some other illness, etc.) The letter MUST state a DIAGNOSIS - it cannot just say "Return to School".
      3. Option 3: Student tests negative for COVID-19 swab test (not antibody test) - List of Approved Testing Site



    If your student is a close contact of a confirmed COVID positive individual:

    Humble ISD strongly encourages parents to have their student tested or to keep them home for 14 calendar days.  



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