• Credit By Exam for Acceleration

    Each summer Humble ISD provides testing sessions for students who wish to attempt credit by exam for acceleration to skip a grade and/or course. 

    Testing Criteria:    To skip a grade, elementary students must take 4 tests and middle school students must take 8 tests – Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science for the grade they wish to skip.  A score of 80% is required on all tests for the student to be eligible to skip the grade.  Students are allowed 3 hours for each test although they rarely use that much time.  Parents should be available on testing days so they can be reached if students finish early.

    Humble ISD offers mathematics placement exams for middle school students who wish to move from their current on-level class to an honors mathematics class next year.  Honors courses typically cover 1½ years of material each year.  In 6th grade Honors students cover all 6th grade material plus half of 7th grade material.  Students in 7th grade Honors cover the other half of 7th grade material and one full year of 8th grade material.  

    Current 6th grade students will be required to take a 1.5 hour exam to demonstrate
    mastery of half of 7th grade material so that they will be prepared for 7th grade Honors
    mathematics next year.  Current 7th grade students will need to take two 1.5 hour exams,
    one for each of the 8th grade semesters.  Students must score 90% or better on each
    placement exam.  

    On-line Reviews:    Exam reviews are available on-line at the Texas Tech website at http://www.depts.ttu.edu/ode or http://www.dce.ttu.edu