Google Classroom Assignment Instructions



    Included in the above file are instructions to:

    • Log into Google Drive and Google Classroom             
    • Submitting Assignments using Google Classroom
    • submitting assignments using Google Classroom
    • Submitting a screenshot or voice recording to a Google Classroom Assignment
    • Using the Voice Record Pro App to record yourself while listening to an accompaniment track playing on the same device


    Disregard the Google Classroom codes in the document.  The 2018-2019 Classroom Codes are:

    Google Classroom Class codes (All students will need to re-enroll.):

    AP Music Theory (1st): vmyujq

    Men’s Chamber Choir (2nd): kojd9o

    Chorale (3rd): gyd2nzr

    Colla Voce (4th): ucr1ys

    Women’s Chamber Choir (5th): tfuf7lo

    Cantabile (6th): vnvpiwg