• Park Lakes Elementary

    Car Rider Policies and Procedures 2016-2017

    Dear Park Lakes’ Parents,
    Everyday we strive to make improvements in our routines and procedures so that all students,
    staff, and parents are as safe as possible. Please see below some updates regarding our
    morning arrival and afternoon dismissal procedures.


    Morning DropOff on the Cafeteria Side of the Building please form ONE LINE for morning

    We do not run two lines in the morning as we do not have staff available to stop traffic
    and make sure students are not walking through moving traffic. Please form one line along the
    curb and have students exit your vehicle on the curb side (right side) so they are not stepping
    into moving traffic or walking around your car and stepping in front of the car behind you.

    Make sure you pull up as far as you can before allowing your student to exit the vehicle.


    Afternoon Dismissal for PreK, Kinder, and First Grades Wehave had some traffic flow and
    pickupline concerns on this side of the building. It was suggested that I ask for assistance
    from the Humble ISD Police in order to help make dismissal safer for everyone. I did and
    Lieutenant Brown came this morning to provide assistance. He analyzed the situation and
    looked at traffic flow.

    His suggestion in order to make it safer for all involved, is for vehicles
    coming from the other direction, form one line from Viscaro and utilize the right turn lane into our
    driveway. Parents turning left from Wilson and crossing through oncoming traffic in order to get
    in the established dismissal line make it unsafe for themselves and others. The traffic on Wilson
    during afternoon dismissal is just too heavy to use the left turn lane safely for dismissal.

    AS OF TODAY (9/12/2016):
    If you are picking up a PreK, Kinder, or a First Grade student and are coming from the other
    side of the school, please proceed past the school and make a left turn onto Greens Road, a left
    onto Pablo Trail, and a left onto Viscaro to form one line for pickupon the PreK/Kinder side of the building.

    If everyone will follow this route, it will help make pickup safer for everyoneinvolved. Following the advice from Lieutenant Brown, the left turn lane will be closed off today with cones to redirect traffic to Greens Road.


    Thank you so much for your commitment to the safety of your students and all of the students of Park Lakes Elementary!






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