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    What is Schoology?
    Schoology (pronounced skoo-luh-jee) is a secure, online learning management solution that follows students’ outcomes as well as enhances student engagement. With Schoology, students can engage in a variety of activities at school and from home, such as submitting homework assignments, participating in interactive discussions, and receiving announcements and feedback from their teachers.
    The Digital Learning Department of Humble ISD is committed to supporting the district's goal to "prepare students to be college and career ready" by providing diverse opportunities for students to participate in an online learning environment. 
    In collaboration with campus and district staff, Digital Learning plans to implement the integration of the chosen district LMS for the secondary schools by following a three-year roll-out plan
    2016-17 Pilot  
    2016-17 will be a pilot year for two campuses, Riverwood Middle School and the Freshman Academy of Humble High SchoolSchoology will be an integral part of how teachers design and implement their lesson plans and assignments. They will use it to post updates to their classes and communicate with parents.  
    Students and Staff of the pilot campuses may access their Schoology accounts using their network login at https://humble.schoology.com.  
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    Additional Support
    Still have questions? Check out the Schoology Support website for additional support!