• Centennial Celebration

    Planning the Centennial

    Preparations for the Humble ISD's 100th Anniversary starting in February 2016.  Dr. Robert Meaux, a Humble historian who also works for the school district, met with Superintendent Dr. Guy Sconzo and Deputy Superintendent Dr. Thomas Price to talk about Humble's upcoming centennial birthday and how the district could celebrate it. Dr. Meaux was appointed as the Project Director, and Matthew Webb (Social Studies Coordinator) served as the Assistant Director of the project.


    Three committees were created to plan out different aspects of the celebrations.

    Centennial Committees

    Centennial Committee

    The Humble ISD Centennial Committee was established to come up with ideas for the celebration and how to implement them.  The Planning Committee members were comprised of current and former Humble ISD employees, and included school board members, district leaders, district administrators, campus administrators, teachers and students. The comittee continued to work under the direction of Dr. Elizabeth Fagen and and Dr. Roger Brown as work moved into the celebration year.

    The committee first met in March 2016 and developed ideas for the celebration for the campuses, as well as district-wide events for the community.  Two sub-committees were created to work-out the details for these events: (a) Campus Celebrations Committee, and (b) District Celebrations Committee.  In addition to overseeing the work of the two sub-committees, the Centennial Planning Committee focused on the preservation of historical documents, the creation of a digital archives, and making Humble ISD's history more readily available to the community.

    Over the course of the next three years, the planning and preparation involved many people across the district and the community.  The bulk of the district-level preparations for the August Pep Rally and the February Celebration were handled by the Public Communications and Community Development departments.

    Centennial Committee Members
    • Dr. Robert Meaux (Project Director): Humble ISD Web Applications Developer for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment. He is also President of the Humble Museum.
    • Bob Atteberry: Principal of Kingwood Middle School.
    • Carol Atwood: Humble ISD Assistant Superintendent of Data Quality, Acountability, Evaluation and Research. She is also a former Humble ISD campus Principal.
    • Dr. Jamie Bryson: Humble ISD Director of State & Federal Programs. 
    • Allan Griffin: Retired Humble ISD Assistant Director of Transportation. He is also leads the Humble Alumni Association.
    • Emily Humble: A student at Kingwood Park High School (graduate 2018). She is also a history researcher, and has written articles on Bordersville.
    • Dr. Al Moore: Former Humble ISD School Board President. He was also a past President of the Humble Museum.
    • Nancy Morrison: Humble ISD School Board member. She was also a former Humble ISD campus Principal.
    • Janet Orth: Former Humble ISD Assistant Superintendent. She is a member of the Humble Area Retired Teachers Association.
    • Alan Prather: History teacher at Summer Creek High School. He is also an Humble-area history researcher.
    • Dr. Guy Sconzo: Retired Superintendent of Humble ISD from 2001 through 2016. He serves as the Executive Director of the Fast Growth School Coalition.

    Centennial Logo

    The first logo for the project was created in August 2016 by Kingwood-area graphic Artist Ken Burke (husband of Atascocita Springs Elementary School teacher Mary Burke):

    Original Centennial Logo

    Robin McAdams in the Public Communications department updated the logo in April 2018:

    Updated Centennial Logo

    Campus Celebrations Committee

    The Campus Celebrations Sub-Committee started meeting in January 2017 to work out the details of activities at the campus level, determining the best way for students and staff to celebrate the centennial.
    Campus Celebrations Committee Members
    • Dr. Marley Morris (Chair): Humble ISD Director of Career & Technical Education
    • Diana Bauer: Humble ISD Student Informations Systems Analyst
    • Angela Conrad: Humble ISD School Board member; former Humble ISD teacher
    • Dr. Laketha Cooper: Humble ISD Coordinator of Professional Learning
    • Lisa Drabing: Principal of Kingwood Park High School
    • Erica Gruber: Assistant Principal at Lakeland Elementary School
    • Carol Hunt: Principal's Secretary at Hidden Hollow Elementary School
    • Elizabeth King: Humble ISD Coordinator of Professional Learning
    • David Knight: Student Council Advisor, Kingwood High School
    • Lisa McCorquodale: Humble ISD Elementary School Science Coordinator
    • Dr. Henry Phipps: Humble ISD Executive Director of Educational Support Services
    • Matthew Webb (Project Asst. Director): Humble ISD Social Studies Coordinator
    • Cassie Young: Science Specialist at Fall Creek Elementary School
    • Amanda Zeller: Technology Teacher at Creekwood Middle School


    District Celebrations Committee 

    The District Celebrations Sub-Committee started meeting in June 2017 to work out details of activities for the district and community level.

    District Celebrations Committee Members
    • Robert Sitton (chair): Humble ISD School Board Member
    • Scott Brady: Architect, Joiner Partnership
    • Carrie Brinsden: Community Member, Kingwood
    • Lynette Calfee: Retired Humble ISD campus Assistant Principal
    • Jess Fields: Owner of the Rosewood Funeral Home
    • Norman Funderburk: Member of the Humble City Council
    • Geralyn Sullivan: Mosaic Agency Liaison
    • Donna Thrash: Community Member, Humble
    • Christina Trotter: Humble ISD Coordinator of Student Assessment
    • Jennifer Wooden: Director of the Humble Civic Center