• Amy Netardus

    Amy Netardus 
    Math Academic Lead Teacher
    Room 602  Phone: 281-641-2167
     Welcome Back to Pine Forest.  My name is Amy Netardus and I have been at Pine Forest for 12 years.  I taught 5th grade for my first five years here and moved into the Math Lead Teacher role 7 years ago.  My son Christian went to elementary school here and now attends AMS. He is in 8th grade.  My daughter Emma is in 5th grade here at PFE! I love reading, doing puzzles and watching my kids participate in their activities- soccer and volleyball.








    I have created two videos showing how to multiply decimals using area models.  I hope these videos help show how this is done! 
     Video #1:
     Video #2:






    To ensure the safety of our students and staff, please check in at the new security vestibule in the front foyer by presenting your driver’s license each time you visit our school and by wearing your visitor’s badge for identification on your shirt.  Prior to leaving, return your badge to the front foyer for check out. We appreciate your patience as we make updates to our security plan, and provide access on special event days. The safety of our students is a top priority!

















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