Educational Support Services Directory


    Division Contact Phone Email

    Chief of Educational Support Services

    Henry Phipps 281-641-8402

    Director of Programming and Campus Support

    Thelissa Edwards 281-641-8318

    Director of Assessment and Related Services

    Angela Pomberg 281-641-8406
    Director of Health Services Susan Luethold 281-641-8422

    Assistant Director of Responsive Services

    Laura Dowdy 281-641-8390

    Assistive Technology Coordinator

    Teresa McLaughlin 281-641-8355
    Assistant Director of Cambridge  Jatata Hutton 281-641-7444
    Cambridge Coordinator Leslie Johnson 281-641-7396
    MOSAIC Coordinator Lisa Swindull 281-641-8425
    Dyslexia Coordinator Iann Flowers 281-641-8423
    Diagnostician/ LSSP Coordinator Brandon Stevens 281-641-8333
    Elementary Coordinator Cindy Castille 281-641-8314
    Elementary Coordinator Betsy Ullrich 281-641-8451
    Middle School Coordinator Nayshon Norris-Williams  281-641-8457 
    High School Coordinator Nicole House 281-641-8427

    Monitoring and Compliance


    William Knies 281-641-8053
    OT/PT/APE/IA Coordinator Elizabeth Pinkley 281-641-8485
    SLP Coordinator Nathalie Lebrun 281-641-8412
    Transition Coordinator Janice Jackson 281-641-8391
    VI/Deaf Education Coordinator Sharrie Roden 281-641-8404