• This year, along with the Texas Bluebonnet program, your child will be encourage to participate in a 40 book challenge program within my classroom.


    The 40 books challenge can be alongside with the Bluebonnet program.


    The following genres and amount of books per genre is included into the 40 book challenge.


    5 books:  Realistic Fiction

    4 books: Mystery

    4 books:  Historical Fiction

    2 books: Fantasy

    2 books: Science Fiction

    5 books: Informational

    4 books: Biography/Autobiography

    3 books: Poetry

    8 books:  Your choice


    The books read within the classroom by the teacher/librarian may be used for this challenge.  Books read by your child within the classroom may count, too!

    Any combination of books from any genre maybe used, as long as the total equals 40 books.