• AVID Elementary In a Nutshell

    Establish an enriching, motivating, empowering environment in which all students develop a growth mindset toward learning.

    Provide all students with fundamental skills to promote academic success, self-efficacy, self-advocacy as they begin their educational journey.

    Experience Writing to learn, Inquiry, Collaboration,Organization, and Reading across the curriculum.
    Develop Student Success skills, partnerships,and a college-going mentality in all students.
    Provide tools for all students to effectively navigate the culture of school systems and academic transitions throughout their educational careers.
    Strengthen transition across entire feeder patterns.
    Develop a common language of articulation,calibration,assessment, and accountability to promote equity and access for all students across the AVID College Readiness System:
    AVID Elementary in the fourth grade classroom at OAKS
    Students will fill out a planner daily and include the learning objective for each class along with their homework, important school due dates, and important social dates in order to foster a "plan ahead" mentality.
    The Binder is used as an organizational tool for accountability and responsibility.
    SMART goal-setting skills in the classroom.
    Time Management Skills
    Note-taking strategies- STAR notes, 2 column notes, and three column notes prepare students for Cornell notes in middle and high school.
    Collaborative learning.
    Inquiry method
    Effective reading strategies for comprehension.
    Building community within the school and the classroom with open communication.
    These skills will help our students:
    -develop intrinsic motivation
    -promote a belief that academic rigor is expected, possible and attainable.
    -Strengthen the bridge between elementary and middle school.

    All information from this page was retrieved from: Advancement Via Individual Determination Foundations: Implementation Resource Book