• Guidance Lessons


    We are like a quilt -
    Many patches, many pieces, many colors, many sizes, all woven and held together by a common thread.



    Counselor's Vision

    Our counseling program will provide and facilitate a comprehensive guidance program which will ensure that all students realize their unique potential, learn at their maximum ability and develop a personal vision, and plan for their future.  Students will demonstrate the necessary skills to be a valued and successful participant in their community and world.


    Classroom Guidance Lessons

    Guidance lessons are an important part of a comprehensive, developmental guidance program.  One goal of classroom guidance lessons is to help each child develop positive skills to improve communication and problem solving.


    Why Try?: Defense Mechanisms, Reality Ride, Tearing off Labels, and Getting Plugged In!
    Healthy Relationships - "Fill a Bucket"
    Safety (Touching, Stranger) - "I Can Be Safe"
    Choices - "Ruthie and the (not so) Teeny Tiny Lie"
    Self-Confidence - "Me I AM!"

    First Grade
    Why Try?: Getting Plugged In, Reality Ride, and Tearing off Labels, Climbing Out! 

    Healthy Relationships - "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?"
    Caring, Accepting Differences - "Is There Really a Human Race?"
    Choices - "David Gets in Trouble"
    Emotions - "Today I Feel Silly"

    Second Grade
    Why Try?: Getting Plugged In, Reality Ride, Tearing off Labels, and Jumping Hurdles!

     Healthy Relationships - "Mollie Lou Mellon"
    Caring, Accepting Differences - "Elmer"
    Emotions - "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, no Good Very Bad Day"
    Problem Solving - "Mean Jean the Recess Queen"


    Third Grade

    Why Try?: Getting Plugged In, Defense Mechanisms, Jumping Hurdles, and Reality Ride!
    Healthy Relationships - "Do Unto Otters"
    Self Worth and Peer Pressure - "Moody Cow"
    Academic Potential - "Hooray for Difendoofer"
    Career Exploration - "I Want to be a Veterinarian Interest Inventory"


    Fourth Grade

    Why Try?: Motivation Formula, Reality Ride, Desire Time Effort, and Getting Plugged In!
    Healthy Relationships - Instructional Technology Lesson on Cybersafety/Cyberbullying
    Caring - "The Giving Tree"
    Choices - "The Magic Fish"
    Career/Academic - Drive of your life.org and Paws in Jobland

    Fifth Grade
    Why Try?: Defense Mechanisms, Desire Time Effort, Motivation Formula, and Getting Plugged In!
    Healthy Relationships - Instructional Technology Lesson on Cybersafety/Cyberbullying
    Caring - "How Full is Your Bucket?"
    Academic - Driveofyourlife.org
    Career Exploration - Driveofyourlife.org







    Counseling Support Groups

    I will offer small-group counseling support to the students on a referral basis. Support Groups may include students that are learning to deal with friendship issues, a changing family situation, a recent death/loss of a family member, stress management and anxiety, study skills, etc. These counseling groups typically last for 5-6 sessions.



    Individual Student Counseling

    I am available to counsel with an individual student who may need to talk about concerns or difficulties in his/her life. I take referrals from teachers, parents, principals, or from the student. Parental consent forms are required after three visits (if the student will be seen regularly).  Unless the counselor or student decides to notify the parent, parents are not typically called after a child is seen only one time with the counselor.  The school counselor's role is designed to meet student's needs on as-needed basis.



    Tier 3 Referral Meeting

    If a student is experiencing difficulties in the classroom, a referral by the teacher can be made to our school's Tier 3 Referral team, an educational support team including the parents of the child, to determine a plan of action to help the student. This is an effort to continue to meet a child's needs based on a Response to Intervention Plan.