Parents Thank You above and beyond for your support. Below are some items that our classroom needs. I am so grateful for any donations to our classroom. Thank you so much. *Ms. Cuellar

Note: some of the items may not make since. But I promise they are being used in class for science projects, flexible seating, and much much more. Thank you


    Color Expo Markers Wide Ruled Paper Clorox Wipes Elmer's Bottle Glue 7.6fl oz Kleenex Aluminium Foil (Science)   Flexible Seating  Composition Books   Flexible Seating Color Printing Paper   Flexible Seating    Germ-X   Fitness Balls  Highlighters Flexible Seating Pencils Post-it Notes Salt and Pepper (science) Scissors Scotch Tape (Science) Vegetable Oil (Science)  Ziploc Bags (variety sizes)