Webpage "goodies"   Find lots of great ways to make your webpage look awesome!
    Discovery Education (formally United Streaming)   Find videos, images, and lessons to use in your classroom.  Remember to "download" the videos - do not "stream" them.  
    Technology Certification  Find out what classes are needed for each certificate and what classes are available "on-line"
    Tons of websites!   More great sites than you will have time to look at! 
    Approved Video List    Find out what videos have been approved by our District for use in your classroom. 
    On-line Stopwatch   Great timer for use in the classroom!
    Use Dove Whisper as a computer center in your classroom.  This site contains Internet games for all subjects.
    Create flashcards for math facts, science vocabulary words, and more.  Plus, you are able to find flashcards created by others.
    Create a game show for your students to participate in as a reiew for an upcoming assessment.  This site offers free templates.
    Create custom game boards, customized diece, and many other printables to use in a variety of lessons.
    Have students create a comic strip using Make Beliefs Comix.  Students can use this tool to show main idea, sequencing, predictions, and more!