Acceptable CPE Activities

  • Professional Learning enhances the employees’ knowledge and skills with the intention to increase student achievement, and the learning is aligned with the district and campus goals.  The intent for the training is to help the employee grow professionally so that the employee’s learning helps meet the needs of students.
    (Below is a list from TEA of the acceptable continuing professional educational activities.)

    Operational Meeting: When a meeting is to disperse information or to help increase the efficiency of the organization, etc., these meetings are considered operational in nature and not professional growth.  CPE credits will not be awarded unless professional education and growth is occurring.


    Types of acceptable Continuing Professional Education (CPE) activities include:

    1. Institutes, Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, in-service or staff developments

    Participation in institutes, workshops, seminars, conferences, in-service or staff developments which are related to or enhance the professional knowledge and skills of the educator;

    2. Graduate, Undergraduate Course Work, or Training Programs

    Completion of undergraduate courses in the content area knowledge and skills related to the certificate being renewed, graduate courses, or training programs which are taken through an accredited institution of higher education; (One semester hour of credit earned at an accredited institution of higher education is equivalent to 15 CPE clock hours.)

    3. Distance Learning, Video Conferencing

    Participation in interactive distance learning, video conferencing, or on-line activities or conferences;

    4. Independent Study

    Independent study, not to exceed 20% of the required clock hours, which may include self-study of relevant professional materials (books, journals, periodicals, video/audio tapes, computer software, and on-line information) or authoring a published work;

    5. Development of Curriculum or CPE training materials

    6. Assessor

    Serving as an assessor (does not include the required annual evaluation of the principal) for the principal assessment process [TAC §241.35], not to exceed 10% of the required clock hours;

    7. Teaching or Presenting a CPE activity, not to exceed 10% of the required clock hours; and/or

    8. Mentoring

    Providing professional guidance as a mentor educator, not to exceed 30% of the required clock hours.