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    I received my bachelor's degree in Journalism and Writing at Stephen F. Austin State University (Axe ‘em Jacks!) in 1994. I received my MBA at Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio in 2001 (lived there for two short years). Teaching is my passion, and so I embarked on a new path and received my alternate teaching certification in 2007. During my first year as a Gator, I taught in our Science Lab for first and second graders. And I've been teaching my Kinder Kangaroos ever since! I’ve lived in this area, give or take a couple of years, since 1978. I have two children: Cashen (18yo freshman at SFA!) and Morgan (16yo sophomore at KHS) ...the loves of my life. Cashen and Morgan both attended GTE and CMS as well!

    Feel free to learn more about me, GTE and Kindergarten by clicking this link: ** ADD **

    I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to teach at Greentree Elementary …where every teacher is here because of a love for children and a passion for teaching. Why is my passion teaching? Take a look at my teaching philosophy below ...

    My Teaching Philosophy

    I believe that I am here not only to teach children kindergarten skills and TEKS, but also to help them become life-long learners. 

     I believe that respectful, caring connections and a sense of community with my students and their families are imperative foundations for a wonderful kindergarten experience.

     I believe that each child has unique strengths, varied prior learning experiences, and preferred learning styles. My instruction must be differentiated to provide enough challenge and support for all children to build on successfully and to develop positive attitudes about learning.

     I believe that the kindergarten experience must nurture social and emotional skills in each child and create joyful school memories. Kindergarten is a magical journey, and one of my jobs is to develop the imagination and create memorable rituals, traditions, and celebrations that honor childhood. I want my students to be active learners and disciplined, creative thinkers; to learn to make good choices and to work cooperatively; and to be kind and responsible. 

    I want children to love being involved in school each day.



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