• Mike and I

    Welcome to  Kindergarten!

      I am proud to be a WCE cardinal!  I feel so blessed to be able to teach at WCE where every teacher is here because of a passion for teaching. 

     I am married to my high school sweetheart, Mike .  We have a 15 year old son named Landon, a 13 year old named Logan,  and a 8year old named Lawson. They are such a blessing to our lives and we enjoy every moment with them.  We love spending time watching our boys play the sports that they love and spending time with family.


    I consider my classroom to be a safe, secure, and an inspiring place for children to learn, grow, and discover each day. The children have many opportunities to be leaders in the classroom, and are encouraged to express their feelings through writings or discussions.  I work to teach students the importance of kindness, patience and understanding that each person is different, and that differences make people special and unique.  I encourage positive behavior by stressing the importance of rules, rewards, and consequences. 

    As a teacher, I believe that I share the responsibility with parents in teaching their child.  Every child has their own strengths, it is my job to give each child a safe, caring, and fun atmosphere, so they can grow emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. This will help each child reach their highest potential.  I will act as a guide and allow each child's curiosity direct their learning, while teaching and promoting responsibility and respect.