•      GT Grades K-5

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    Referral Timeline

    Webinar - Should I Refer My Child for G/T Services? August 29, 2022, 6-7 PM

    August 9-31 Previously identified G/T New to District G/T Transfer Testing & Decision Committee Meetings

    September 1-30 G/T Referral Window

    October 3-31 G/T Testing, 3rd-11th Grade

    November 1-30 G/T Testing, 1st-2nd Grade

    December 1-January 6 G/T Testing, Kindergarten

    January 9-20 G/T Decision Committee Window

    February 3 G/T Decision Letters to Parents

    February 24 G/T Level I Appeal Deadline

    April 3-15 G/T Referral Window (New Students Only)

    April 17-May 12 G/T Testing for New Students

    May 15-17 G/T Decision Committee Meetings

    May 19 G/T Decision Letters to Parents



    Please feel free to contact Debbie Zurita with any questions. Email dzurita@humbleisd.net and phone is 281-641-2259.