A few  years ago I won a grant and was able to train one of my dogs to be a "Comfort Dog"  Since there is strong evidence that comfort dogs can enhance children's psychological development, improve social skills, increase empathy and relieve anxiety, I wanted to have that on our campus.  The comfort dogs may also respond to crisis situation at other Humble ISD campuses to help students with grief, trauma or stressful situations.  Also, the dogs will be able to listen to kids who need to practice reading aloud.The first dog I trained with the grant is Holley, a Dachshund who is spunky, outgoing and happy. Her friend Lizzie, a mixed Dachshund and Lab, started the training and the two of them did so well together that I decided to train them both!! Lizzie is the sweet, shy and very focused dog that is very calm.  The comprehensive training the entire fall semester to become an AKC Certified Comfort Dog through this wonderful Let's Go! Positive Reinforcement Dog Training, LLC.  Both Holley and Lizzie both graduated from Comfort Dog Certification in Feb. 2016.  Both dogs were adopted from the Dachshund Rescue group in Houston about 11 years ago!  The students will have special opportunities to read to them and pet them in the hallways and classrooms.  They will always be under the care of the handler, me! Holley and Lizzie alternate and come to school with me on Wednesdays.  


    If you would like to donate treats to Holley or Lizzie, Please send with your student in a plastic bags. They will eat anything and love bones too!!


    This Year we are going to focus on giving out different awards based on which Great 8 skill we are working on. The first 9 weeks we will be focusing on Optimistic Thinking and Ms. Toro and I will be giving out Walking Wednesday cards with paws on them to students who were noticed using Optimistic Thinking. Each Wednesday we will draw 1 name per grade level  from the cards and those students will help us walk and take care of the dog for a few minutes on that Wednesday!! This should be fun!!


                                              Lizzie and Holley                           love on a leash




    HOLLEY                                          LIZZIE



        Holley                                        Lizzie



           Holley                                                                                               liz